A Nation with No Teachers

Google it, look it up, don’t ask me to do intellectual labor.

You muthafuckas don’t even be doing the research. I googled it, I have the pdf, I have the book, I have books about the books, I’m writing about the books I just mentioned.

How dare you muthafuckas, most people ain’t teaching black people how to have the skills we need so we can teach other people. This miseducation system is full of so many incompetent muthafuckas.

Everybody act like something is wrong with Black men, when the problem is the expectation for black men is Carl Brashear. Y’all cut the bag with the supplies in it and throw it in the ocean, then say what’s so difficult, why aren’t you getting it.

We’re not getting it because a good teacher is about is about as common as a good barber, and we are just out here at the bottom of the ocean like Carl Brashear putting together the sailor device in spite of incompetent muthafuckas.

By Christopher Marshall