African Intellectual Harmony

Just because our enemies use science against us doesn’t mean science is bad. That’s like saying black people shouldn’t practice their second amendment rights because of unarmed black people were murdered. Like H. Rap Brown said “Anything you don’t control can be used as a weapon against you.”

Marimba Ani taught as that the western world view looks at things as opposing pairs where as the African world view looks at things as complementary pairs. So we can’t think in western binaries of science is bad and spirituality is good. Philosophy is bad and religion is good. We must being to see how these concepts are interconnected and interdependent not in conflict with each other.

Practicality can be in harmony with the metaphoric, rationality can coexist with the symbolic. Our oppressors have robbed us of enough to disconnect ourselves from fields of thought our ancestors created.

You can’t have spirituality without science, you can’t have an understanding of your worldview if you don’t learn your culture and you can’t have any of that, if you don’t know your history.

Learning, writing, studying, debating ideas, and creating concepts is African as fuck.

By Christopher Marshall