Black Is King: Black Is Cool

I appreciate Beyonce embracing Africa and pushing so much Afrobeat because more people need to make loving Africa cool. It doesn’t mean we agree with all the politics and propaganda of what we saw in “Black is King”.

One of the things y’all take for granted is that our most effective leaders were cool. Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Kwame TurĂ©, Assata, etc.

The harsh reality is African culture is vast and we should embrace all of it, unfortunately people who are insufferable turn many of our people away from African culture because they ain’t shit individually.

Part of organizing is being cool, being relatable, being likeable, being human. People wanna see us living life to the fullest, especially if we ain’t got shit.

So use this commercial opportunity to organize people and stop using oppositional condemnations at a way out to not build shit.

Lol by the way the shit was based on the lion king relax muthafuckas.

By Christopher Marshall