Black Man It’s Not Your Fault

There’s a scene in Goodwill Hunting where Robin Williams tells Matt Damon “it’s not your fault” and he repeats this phrase “it’s not your fault” until Matt Damon breaks down in his arms crying uncontrollably after coming to terms with the fact the abuse he endured from his alcoholic father wasn’t his fault. 

“Its not your fault” that sentiment is something that eludes our people when it comes to our oppression. We here the rhetoric of “victim mentality”, you need more “ambition”, if black people would just spend our money more wisely we would be free.

“Others deny that Whites have any power over Blacks at all. The confusion is caused by the powerful, yet subtle White concept of “free will.” This concept insists that because people always have choices, they can be held responsible for their behavior.”-Dr. Bobby E Wright 

We articulate the reality of being powerless, and they give us our class enemies and race traitors in commercials to try rationalize the racist pathology that we’re powerless because we lack ambition and a positive attitude, that will result in immediate prosperity, that compounding delusion leads to a dress shirt and tie that fits like a noose.

“This is the trickery  that you and I are faced with every day in this society. They on one hand try and show us how much progress we’re making. But if we look through all that propaganda we find that our people are still being hung, they’re still disappearing, and no one is finding them or no is finding their murderers”. -Malcolm X

Is poverty a choice? Is prison a choice is being phased out of every industry, every academic program,is the absence of your institutions a choice? Yet our resistance has been the decisions they ignore because in the midst of our condemnation our exile produced Malcolm, cultivates George Jackson and created Huey Newton.

Yes our brilliance is ours and the money it takes to sustain the military industrial complex is proof that not only did we fight every step of the way but the fear of our revolutionary legacy haunts them. 

“The only place where negroes did not revolt is in the pages of capitalist historians”

-C.L.R James

By Christopher Marshall