Changing God Don’t Change Reality

Condo kneegrows are trying hard to push a more revolutionary Jesus to co-opt black radicalism to keep black people in the church. It’s a response to the black preachers going to worship trump like they worship the other wyt man on Sunday. There can be arguments made how Jesus was a socialist, Jesus loved the poor, and how Jesus stood in opposition to evil.

But that doesn’t change the reality that the same way we got Jesus, Allah, Yeshua, Moses, was through slavery, human trafficking, torture, rape, castration, mutilation. You can understand how individuals who commit these various acts should be condemned but you never wanna condemn your beliefs. We will give up on the conscious community over court jesters while we talk about how we need to become more religious after centuries of these institutions becoming more damaging worldwide.

Malcolm X didn’t try to reform master’s house he wanted to be burned to the ground, how many more African children have to suffer before we get rid of the very institutions, covered in our blood, in our our blood, our ancestors blood, our children’s blood?

How long?

By Christopher Marshall