Church is a Trap House

Church is a trap house, what makes religion worse than drugs is that an addict can eventually imagine their lives without drugs. But most black people can’t envision life without religion.

We’ve been taught we are nothing without God and you wonder why black people’s self-esteem is so low? Listen to the apathy in gospel music, it’s always a melody of suffering and how we have to submit to God because we can’t do anything without God.

You wanna know why human traffickers feel comfortable in church? Pedophiles feel comfortable in church? Corrupt politicians feel comfortable in church? Every black enemy can go to the black church and be welcomed with treasonous open arms.

Marx was wrong about religion being the opiate of the masses. Religion is stronger than pure heroin, it’s perpetual psychological torture to preserve the institution of slavery.

You wanna know why Black suicide is at an all time high which is in the words of Dr. Bobby E Wright lynching by another name. Its because their religion is a mechanism of Mentacide, and people will defend their delusions even if it means watching their children be murdered by the beliefs of their eternal enemies.

All fiction is fake

By Christopher Marshall