Critical Race Theory and Critical Theory with an African Foundation

Now that I’ve figured out what Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory are. My issue is that not enough African-centered nor Afrocentric scholars are added to the canon as a better reference point for people like Derrick Bell.

Adding this African foundation doesn’t discredit the work of a Derrick Bell but it actually strengthens it. This appears to be intellectual segregation to keep many of our scholars who have a foundation that is more DuBois than our scholars who are along the lines of Garvey, Dr. Bobby E. Wright, Jacob Carruthers, Asa Hillard, Wade Nobles, and Amos Wilson, Marimba Ani.

This is the Yurugus/Psychopaths fault that this intellectual segregation exists but to better describe our reality. We have to get a Black Revolutionary PhD much like Malcolm X, George Jackson, and Huey Newton were able to do.

This is a complex hydra that I hope to engage in with the black people already neck deep in this course work and I’m excited because this is something Nicolas Cage in National Treasure couldnt even dream of.

By Christopher Marshall