Demagoguery vs Revolutionary Sacrifice

The Black Church taught us to only engage in politics for financial gain. We see our leaders as people who must be wealthy who encapsulate everything we aspire to be, wealthy and powerful.

This template of demagoguery gave us Daddy Grace, Father Divine, Noble Drew Ali, Elijah Muhammad, Reverend Ike, Farrakhan, Brother Polight, Umar, Tariq Nasheed.

So when you ask me what am I offering, I’m providing political education with no funding, no support, no nothing. I’m doing it for the same reason why Mumia Abu-Jamal continues to produce unparalleled journalism, political commentary, and overall organizational insight, I do it because as Mumia said “Because it is right”.

Even without the support that is required I will continue to do my part by any means necessary.

By Christopher Marshall