If You Don’t Read, You Can’t Lead

Reading political prisoners warning us about what we’re up against and people think reading is for hwite people. They sacrificed for our people the least we can do is study them.

What I’m learning is, we weren’t supposed to study Black Revolutionaries and benefit from their experience, their wisdom, their intellectual expertise.

Every time black people start picking up books it’s a wasting time. So do we read the cointelpro papers or do we ignore what has happened and just meditate our problems away. Revolution is scientific it’s not emotional, it’s not an event, its not a debate. Revolution is a muthafuckin process, reading for revolutionaries is like roadwork for boxing. It ain’t everything but its important part of what we do.

George Jackson left us with a 100 books
Dhoruba Bin Wahad wrote two books
Huey wrote 4 books
Malcolm wrote 3 books
And the list goes on

I value Revolutionary literature because these pages are covered in blood and they fought so we can learn from their victories.

If you don’t read, you can’t lead

By Christopher Marshall