Justified Disrespect

Y’all get it when its the democratic party, when it’s antisemitism, when its Islamophobia. Even when ya’ll fight racism its about changing our oppressors to love us more not fighting for liberation.

I know in alot of black revolutionary circles disrespect is tolerated especially circles that are integrated with non black people. When you see me being disrespectful towards certain people its self-defense.

Unfortunately the people who should be setting the tone and nipping shit in the bud they always act oblivious to black disrespect, and that’s fine. But our anger isn’t petty or some temper tantrum, its having to do the work othet people refuse to do because they chicken shit.

Y’all know shit be obviously wrong and its getting to a point where it’s a responsibility to disrespect unprincipled people.

Justified disrespect, I hope my enemies fail at everything slowly and painfully.

By Christopher Marshall