Kneegrow Organizers, Hwite Agendas

When somebody calls their organization black and says they organize black people. Examine their relationship with the black community. Kobe’s death revealed to me that most people aren’t organizing black people let alone interacting with black people.

Think about this, how often do you see an event where it’s just black people? How many organizations are developing a relationship with the black community?

The reality is I peep game many of you kneegrow organizers are auxiliaries working to get black people to serve hwite organizations or kneegrow organizations controlled by hwite people. Y’all don’t even do coalitions, yall doing social clubs.

The black community sees it and ain’t fucking with it, that’s how the only time yall mention Kobe is his rape case comes directly from hwite people. I’d love to see how that conversation goes in a room full of black people.

But then again I see your pictures, y’all don’t have no black friends, yall only interaction with black people is on social media.

by Christopher Marshall