Mercenary Education

The idea of going to school to get a job solely to make money and not actually go to learn how to master a particular field, is why so many people don’t know to do shit.

Alot of older people don’t realize we aren’t being taught how to do anything, just learn enough to get a job to make money but not actually mastering something. Most people think spending time to master something is a waste of time and think everything has a shortcut.

Everything in life isn’t guessing and memorization, this environment of instant gratification is giving people mental disorders because they don’t have the mental fortitude to think through a problem.

Then you want these unprepared people to flip a switch and vote. Flip a switch and start a militia. Flip a switch and protests. Flip a switch and become a scholar. But when the shit is low-quality and raggedy you wanna know what went wrong.

You can devalue preparation and dismiss apprenticeships, but that frustration you feel is because you are committed to nothing but mediocrity and your enemy knows that. They laugh at you, and depend on you not using your mind.

Learn to be your best.

By Christopher Marshall