The Ice Cube Dilemma

The thing that annoys me about the Ice Cube situation is another reason why I despise Church. They always allow black men to be loud and wrong, to keep us like children. There’s no incentive for black men to educate ourselves because we are rewarded for wilful ignorance. Then after being incompetent due to wasting our time in church we’re expected to become adults in the blink of an eye.

Then comes ice cube three weeks before the election unprepared, no power, talking about the contract with Black America as if either party is about to acknowledge that shit. That’s the other thing about religion it teaches us we can do politics with faith, with hope, and we don’t get shit, we don’t blame God, we blame ourselves since God is the meth we can’t live without.

Religion teaches us to be intellectually lazy and regurgitate incorrect information in the name of tradition, but slavery is a tradition, capitalism is a tradition, doing meth is a tradition. Part of evolution is throwing away traditions that are no longer useful.

Then let’s not forget that Ice Cube betrayed Brother Khalid Muhammad right after Farrakhan betrayed him just like Farrakhan betrayed Malcolm X. Stop all this Black men this and Black men that, when ya’ll always support Black men who betray other Black men. Then use that weak black unity mess to mask supporting black men who aren’t trustworthy.

It ain’t unattainable to have principled unity and principled politics, that’s not an unreasonable expectation, we just so used to having unconditional everything, having standards feels like negativity, naw nygha it’s responsibility.

Whatever we do we have to be serious and put the time and effort into, stop half-assin everything. And boycott forgiveness.

By Christopher Marshall