WAP(Sexual African Liberation)

I think respectability politics especially when it comes to black women’s sexuality, we won’t let go of Christianity, Islam, Judaism. The standard of morality that our oppressors impose on us, is something they not only don’t practice but they put it on us to make us dysfunctional.

Making black women think that expressing their sexuality is something that is negative, demonic, evil, and so forth promote dysfunction. You tell women they can’t dance, they can’t express their sexuality, they can’t color their hair, they can’t show skin, they can’t speak their mind.

No matter where black women are Africa will manifest in the beautiful diverse myriad of ways. The very thing we think is embarrassing is healthy. Religion is causing black women severe psychological issues because its unnatural and unnecessary.

Sexual repression is making people see sex as a mechanism to rebel and not a beautiful part of life. You can’t repress people and make your kids tip toe, lie, and hyde because they are human.

Revolutionary Pan-African culture isn’t going to like this repressive one we’re being driven crazy by, the cultural revolution will involve destroying every boundary there is that we learned in slavery.

WAP is the sacred and profane that Marimba Ani talked about. How our women expressed themselves under the most harsh conditions is how we survived the most dehumanizing experience that is the Maafa.

We are African we live to the fullest our music expresses that, the drum, the rhythm, the harmony is what wins wars and simultaneously makes babies.

The twerking, the colorful hair, the sexual positivity is a manifestation of Africa that is liberating,because religion told us that everything that is African is demonic especially our sexual expression.

Sexual repression is still repression and women fighting that to affirm their humanity is an integral part of Muntu.

By Christopher Marshall