The Church is the State and We Should Not Be

Calvin Butts in the Adam Clayton Powell documentary said “there’s no separation between the sacred and the secular, in the Black community there’s no separation between church and state.”

“There is no separation between the church and state.”

Can we unify over religion can we set our differences aside when it comes to religion, absolutely not.”

The Church, Mosque, Synagogue, are extensions of the state, you will never get 501c3 tax exemption status, while you organize in a religious institution. When the state leaned on the churches to stop supporting the Panthers, they stopped when the state leaned on Elijah Muhammad, instead of supporting Malcolm X for trying to organize the NOI into a revolutionary organization the NOI collaborated with the state to assassinate Malcolm X. Did the church support Dr. Martin Luther King Jr when he stood up against Vietnam, or did they abandon him.

Look what Christianity and Islam are doing to Nigeria, look what missionaries do all over Africa, look at what radical Islam did to the books in Timbuktu?Look at what the Arab slave trade continues to do in North Africa.

To say religion is some petty triviality that’s a personal preference like ketchup or mustard, is obscene. To remove Abrahamic religion from our movements isn’t too much to ask, because our ideas, should be based on outcomes, results, the practice of our theories.

The leadership that religion produces sustains and perpetuates neocolonialism. For every liberation theology preacher, there’s ten thousand other preachers who are pro-police, pro-capitalism, pro-imperialism, and pro-slavery.

With introduction of every Abrahamic religion an indigenous African institution was destroyed, even the diviners who are apolitical speak on the cultural imperialism of Abrahamic religions.

You can be weak on religion, you can cater, you can compromise, but until then, there will be one Umar Johnson, following a Tariq Nasheed, and Farrakhan that will tell you how many food drives have you done to speak on corruption.

We don’t have to go to Africa to find neocolonialism, go to your nearest church, your nearest Black community, and you’ll find Blaise Compare, Moises Tshombe, Mobutu, hell you’ll even find a Mugabe, someone who used to fight for you but fights against you, while still making it seem like they fight for you.

At least in indigenous African institutions we have processes of oversight, we have ways to measure competence, character, and have guidelines in place to remove you without threatening the institution.

But now a scammer can just say they’re a messenger from god or god themselves, and the slaves will say we can’t question god, without god what would we have, what would be, I’m nothing without god.

To think you can fight for self-determination and at the same time believe your freedom will fall from the sky from the poison pit of your imagination.

God supports slavery, he supports capitalism, and you love him unconditionally.

We can’t align, unify, modify, or compromise over Abrahamic religion, we have to destroy it, like it destroyed our Ancestors, like it destroyed Africa, like it destroyed our institutions and continues to poison our ideas.

By Christopher Marshall