All I Expect is Malice

What’s wild is that it’s seen as sociopathic to not empathize with people who deliberately try to sabotage you. It’s seen as psychopathic to simply not contact nor interact with people who intentionally undermine you.

Love, loyalty, and support are conditional, the moment you betray people, everything goes out the window.

I don’t forgive, I don’t forget, I don’t have compassion for anyone, who gets in the way of my success, sanity, and overall stability.

One thing I can count on in Chicago is to expect people to defend and protect people who do the most harm.

Anything that ever disrupts my busy schedule where I have almost no free time, to have to deal with the most unnecessary egregious disrespect from people you helped without second guessing, people you looked out for without expecting anything in return.

I realize what I’m used to doesn’t exist in Chicago, it’s everybody for themselves, so I have to move, like I’m in the most corrupt place on earth, all I expect is malice, so that’s what I will give and that’s what I have to prepare for.

By Christopher Marshall