Ankh Right

Yahweh Ben Yahweh was FOI, Farrakhan supported trump and Blacks for Trump leader came out of the Nation of Yahweh. Tariq Nasheed shouted out Yahweh in hidden colors 4, Tariq Nasheed mother and law is a hwite woman that’s a retired Boston cop. ADOS and FBA are both pro-America, Yvette is a member of PFIR the astro turf cult.

Rizza Islam is scamming black people with housing vouchers his cult leader is Farrakhan, Brother Polight his cult leader is Malachi Z. York, a well known pedophile. Notice how Tariq has defended every black wealthy sexual predator. Then Brother Polight was about to fight the shonuffians over them calling Malachi Z York a predator.

Straight pride, ADOS, FBA, NOI, Nation of Yahweh, religious cults, conservative politics, promises of unrealistic economic empowerment.

Hidden Colors 5 is the emergence of the ankh right.

By Christopher Marshall


  1. Yoooooooooooooooooooo this is deep and dope as fuck!!! great read love the gold dust being all salt bae’d throughout the article so one can verify and research more in-depth. I appreciate you and that you do for us bro. Ahnk Uja Seneb (Life-Prosperity-Health)!!!

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