Avoiding Mistakes with Preparation

You can avoid alot of mistakes by spending more time studying, preparing, and practicing.

We spend so much time correcting mistakes and defending failure than we do preparing to do our best. When you learn to do something the right way then you can work on becoming more efficient and working faster at working smarter.

I think most people intentionally don’t prepare neither our people nor our children with the sole intention to torture, ridicule, and condemn our people to take out their frustration on us.

It’s never the leader’s fault, never the teacher’s fault, it’s always the children and the students, main reason why kids are on so many prescriptions is to accommodate incompetent teachers.

As someone who ran a successful all black study group, I had to change my approach daily to accommodate my people, that’s why we were successful because we listened, we learned, and worked with the people.

Become one with your students, they are an extension of you, you are not their slave master you are their instructor.

By Christopher Marshall