Bury The Gods Black Man

Church destroys Black men, it destroys Black men’s critical thinking, it teaches Black men to lie, to scam, the church teaches you to love a comic book character more than your wife and children.

Black men can’t afford to believe in God anymore because we can’t do an honest assessment of what we need to work on because we allow religion to undermine are otherwise good decision.

Black men need to stop getting in relationships because of god because god is fake so your relationship will be fake. Get in a relationship, a marriage because your committed not only to your woman but her family.

Our word and our commitment to our people needs to be what replaces religion, stop allowing religion destroy the Black men around you because you prefer Black men being weak and dependent instead of strong and self-reliant.

Take the time you spend on religion and give that time to your family, your dreams, your friends, religion destroyed the Black family, and don’t allow to destroy or take another moment of your life. You decide the outcome of your life Black man, you and no else.

Bury the gods.

By Christopher Marshall