Drugs, Cathedrals, and Black Male Suffering: The Cowardice of Black Studies

Sugar Ray Leonard’s drug and alcohol use was seen as a character flaw, because he didn’t feel comfortable telling people his substance abuse stemmed from being molested by his boxing coach.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown both made fun of for the drug use, and both of their substance abuse issues stems from being molested.

All these people came up in a church, they all put god first, and what does the church do, it creates a safe place for human trafficking and sexual predators.

Now why do I think Black Male Studies should condemn the Catholic Church? Because missionaries have never stopped destroying my people from the first papal bull to the most recent trafficking scandal with 200,000 boys.

How can I as a Black Man share the same belief system with the people who are responsible for destroying everything we ever built the last 500 years?

If religion prevents you from protecting your children, how can I respect your beliefs, your submission to psychopathic missionaries?

How can you mention a Black Panther Party when it comes to sexual vulnerability but not accept the atheism that created one of the most effective Black organizations there ever was.

How can we claim to believe the evidence follow the empirical data, until it comes to Abrahamic religion, how many times do I have to read when it came to picking between Black people and God, they always pick god even if its your Black child crying out for help.

So forgive me if I’m tired of hearing is the racism in liberal academia, the racist origins of feminism, but to ask why there’s never Black Male Studies that explores the ideas of Black men, a thorough institutional analysis of the sexual predation in religious institutions and thorough analysis of capitalism, o and yes, a condemnation of both capitalism and the Catholic Church.

I don’t wanna hear somebody tell me to do more research when I’ve at least 20 different ways how religion destroyed African people but because Black Male submission is a requirement to be a Black Male Studies scholar, the discourse focuses on Black Male Suffering, Feminism, and class warfare among Black intelligentsia, but is there an exploration of any Black men’s ideas that we’re supposed to humanize? Of course not.

Anytime you expect more from people who are supposed to be smarter, more, qualified, all they can do is make excuses on how to justify staying in intellectual quicksand.

I’ll never accommodate Black Male Mediocrity, you can go to church for that.

By Christopher Marshall