From Hubert Harrison to Frank Wilderson

It’s wild that Frank Wilderson saying in 2021 what Hubert Harrison said in 1921 is an issue because we want to defend communist failures to organize the black working class.

Afropessimism is not a fatalistic excuse to give up on resistance, its the opposite, its an analysis of something each generation of revolutionaries has to learn.

Every group on this earth will betray black people even to betray their own class interests. Diop’s two cradle theory and Dr. Bobby E Wright’s worldview and psychopath analysis prove Afropessimism to be a valid lense.

People talking crazy to Frank Wilderson about Afropessimism when Hubert Harrison developed his race first analysis based on what Robert Williams and Kwame Ture had to find out about AFL, CIO, CPUSA, like it aint that hard to grasp all that class analysis shit goes out the window.

Whether its a black communist blindly defending non-black communist or the yurugu working class defending it’s class enemies in the interests of race and maintaining the imperialism they claim to fight against.

By Christopher Marshall