Functional Human Being Make Functional Revolutionary Organizations

A central theme in my conflicts with other organizations whether they be political or intellectual is the question of “functioning human beings.”

Something I’m against that most organizations embrace is collecting hordes of desperate black people in vulnerable situations. It’s not about judgment, it’s not elitist, but I love our people enough to where I only want to work with people who make a conscious decision to work with me. Like I can help you with your life but can’t work in an organization with you because you can’t help other people if you can’t help yourself.

The reason why I take the position I take against religion and spirituality, is that it is always weaponized to defend dysfunction. Hearing “I made a made mistake, and have to correct that to do better next time”, is different than “It’s God’s will, I don’t know why I keep doing this.”

Think about how irresponsible it is for organizations to coerce and take advantage of the most desperate people in our community and tell the Black/African community we gon win the revolution with people who can be turned for steak, egg, and cheese bagel from McDonald’s.

You gotta develop African people without religion and spirituality because our movements can’t be rooted in relief. Our movements can’t be rooted in delusion. Our movements can’t be based on an orgasm anymore than adrenaline.

God is not real and is not coming to save you, anything you want for yourself and want for Black/African people you have to learn it and teach it to your people.

Only we can do that not God, not our oppressor, not spirituality, only we can do that.

By Christopher Marshall