Functionality Before Freedom

Man, it’s so infuriating for other revolutionaries to trivialize the functionality of Black people.

I keep seeing organizations prey on desperate, destitute Black people, we gotta genuinely crawl together, and be patient with each other.

You can’t pdf it, you can’t spark notes it, you can’t Wikipedia it, you gotta go to the library, peer review, five and six edits our liberation.

You can’t win a revolution without developing your people on a mass scale, without the assistance of your oppressors.

We have to develop our people’s skills outside of organizations, then take the work we do amongst each other then build organizations around that. You gotta mold organizations around what is most effective for your people.

Do for self, has to be achieved on an individual, micro-level, a collective micro-level, and establish that foundation, long before it can be reach the level of economic actualization.

By Christopher Marshall