Ime Udoka A Genius

I think what happened last night with the Celtics vs Nets in Game 2 is Ime Udoka showed us the luxury of having two elite wing players on both ends, and the defensive player of the year as your point guard.

Marcus Smart showed us why he was a lottery pick who we thought would play more like D-Wade on offense.

Ime Udoka got this team to use its athleticism on the defensive end and move the ball on offense.

Jayson Tatum and Jalen Brown are in their athletic prime against Kevin Durant who is still arguably the best player in the world. As great as KD is, it’s two against one with great defensive behind them.

KD had to log significant minutes all season due to the absence of Harden and Kyrie, and now outplay two young stars and the DPOY.

Marcus Smart playing well on offense really makes Kyrie not scoring in the second half, and if Ime can keep Smart scoring 15 and 20, it’ll cancel out Kyrie scoring 30+ like in the first game.

Ime Udoka out coaching Nash and his brain Mike D’Antoni.

By Christopher Marshall