Negative Shit: Wilder and Joshua

I’m sick of you positive muthafuckas. I remember when floyd beat cotto, he was fucking pissed. So Floyd fired his uncle then hired his dad who at the time he hated. But then Floyd faces Canelo and beat the shit outta him and barely got hit.

What’s crazy not only about Wilder and Joshua, they been getting fucked up in they last couple fights. But they ignored getting fucked up and both of them got knocked the fuck out.

Man all these positive people who give useless ass reinforcements to feed into your ego, bad habits, and make you ignore your weaknesses will get you fucking killed. Expecting greatness from nyghas ain’t shitting on them or discrediting them. Its holding them to the standard they set.

You have to be honest about your weaknesses and work on that shit, so the fuck muthafuckas is negative. It’s better to get better with hurt feelings than to get fucked up and lose with a positive attitude.

By Christopher Marshall


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