R.Kelly and Rape Culture in Chicago

If R. Kelly couldn’t read and write, who was the criminal master mind who allowed this human trafficking to go on? Holding R. Kelly is accountable long overdue, I’m just wondering what do we do with all the people who helped facilitate this trafficking ring?

I think his label should probably hold the most responsibility because they protected him, they paid for lawyers, they enabled him.

Not to mention all these schools, police departments, and overall communities allowed him to ravage our communities and to be honest arresting him is not good enough because he had entirely too much help.

The bigger problem is that you lock up one R. Kelly and leave in place all the pieces that created him, puts a band-aid on an amputated limb.

I grieve for the children in Chicago because they’re the ones who recieve the blame and don’t get any of the protection. Black children have to think twice about dealing with predators because they know Black adults won’t protect them, it’s sickening.

To think the same people who protected R. Kelly wouldn’t think twice about trying to protect a Fred Hampton or a Malcolm X. You ignore what Malcolm X said about Elijah Muhammad, we ignored what people said about Malachi York, then you get Polight.

You ignore what religion and cults do to people and y’all cheering, meanwhile your religious institutions are human trafficking hubs and you pray like the race traitors you are waiting for your slave masters and their slaves to rob us of our children.

You gotta dismantle the environment that creates the predators and deal with the predators simultaneously. Dismantle all oppressive institutions.

By Christopher Marshall