Revolutionaries Who Love Theocracy

The utter denial revolutionaries have for the connection between theocratic governments and neocolonialism is repulsive. Look at what compromising with religion has got us?

Roe v Wade overturned, people are still tortured to death in Africa for disrespecting slave religions and they are constantly bought off by the west to sustain neocolonialism.

Then look what theocratic governments do for marriage, they perpetuate the most violent forms of patriarchy to the extent you think marriage is slavery. To the point many women in these countries are always trying to runaway.

What is a revolution, if you can’t dismantle and foundational institutions of slavery. Who cares how long its been tradition in your family? Slavery is a tradition, human trafficking is a tradition, destroying indigenous African institutions is a tradition.

Tradition is only as valuable to the extent it serves the best interests of your people, otherwise traditions are like anything else, when they stop serving our collective interests we destroy them.

By Christopher Marshall