Sixers: Quitters Gon’ Quit

Ben Simmons deserves an apology, and yes Harden isn’t washed he’s a quitter, Doc Rivers is a quitter, Embid was hurt but he’s a quitter too.

Ben Simmons was a convenient scapegoat. But Doc Rivers quit with Orlando, quit with the Clippers, now he’s quitting with the Sixers.

Embid didn’t wanna get in shape last year which led to him to trying to turn it on then they all agree to blame Ben Simmons. Then Embid doesn’t get the MVP and he quits.

Harden quits with Houston gets his way then gets traded to Brooklyn then Kyrie fighting the vaccine to masks his quitting Harden quits and gets the trade to Philly to have 11 points in an eliminaton game like he did against Golden State when he first got with Houston.

Shit was sickening to watch them lose to much less talented team in the Heat and I feel bad for Tyrese Maxey, he had to fight all these quitters. They gave no effort and he had to defer to them after out working them.

Philly gotta rebuild now thanks to their quitters.

By Christopher Marshall