The Anti-Vaxx Flex Ain’t What You Think It is.

Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins in the name of Alex Jones and Rizza Islam don’t want to get vaccinated, it’s not revolutionary to be anti-vaxx and it’s cool to have questions, criticisms, and concerns.

My thing is where’s the alternatives for the masses of our people who don’t take the vaccine with no Healthcare coverage, with enough pre-existing conditions who will die from the Panasonic.

When I say alternatives I mean like Cheikh Anta Diop, Charles Drew, Vivien Thomas, Imhotep type alternatives with tests, trials, and actual alternatives created by our people.

Look Chyna and I were in the hospital new years day 2020 with a bunch of people who were suffering with the Panoramic, and the biggest takeaway is they’ll watch you die, while they scrolling through their timeline on social media and all the people minimizing the pangea will not be there with you taking your last breaths.

If I can help it I never wanna be in a position where my loved ones have to watch me have a slow painful death because of what somebody in cult who has no serious qualifications in the medical industry.

Prioritize your survival, because God is not real, your beliefs will not save you, but your decision making will.

By Christopher Marshall