The Betrayal When You Not Around

The amount of betrayal I’ve seen being off social media for 5 months is utterly disgusting. To think taking time to better myself as a person, scholar, and revolutionary would be met with nothing but disrespect and vitriol.

Every call, text message, messenger, I ignored because why waste another moment of energy to try to talk anybody out of betraying our people because deep down that’s the agenda.

Polight been scamming at least a decade and it took him becoming a sexual predator before there was any serious public outcry

Every cult, every demagogue stands on the shoulders of the people who defend them, who attack the people who defend the integrity of our Revolutionary Pan-African organizations and institutions.

Black Agenda Report defended Uhuru which birthed Black Hammer which started Hood Communist with AAPRP New Mexico and Black Power Media will defend every Black cult that preys on Black people then try to distance themselves from the cults.

It’s easy to deal with the figureheads who reap the benefits of neocolonial domestic exploitation but in order to change this cult environment that continously victimize our people, we have to deal with the people who allow cult leaders to give them shoulder pains.

We tried the positive route, we tried giving private conversations only for that to result into public betrayal not just of us but of our people.

Every conflict with people you can’t trust should always be dealt with publicly because even a Revolutionary will lie in private, to defend their cult they calling an organization or religion.

You can’t defend cults in pursuit of liberation, that’s status quo.

By Christopher Marshall