You Dont Have To Value It Muthafucka

It’s crazy the Black Panther Party is what made Frantz Fanon mainstream, wretched of the earth sold like 400,000 copies in 1968.

I hear how any intellectual idea a black man comes up with is hotep shit, but if it’s Hotep shit why are Frantz Fanon books still fucking selling out in 2019.

You don’t have to value it muthafucka, they buying all the goddamn books off Amazon and you up here acting like the shit ain’t valuable.

People looking at me like this shit is a vanity project not even realizing George Jackson’s booklist is 99 fucking books.

Theoretically due to the colonial apparatus of academia, in terms of theory y’all behind a hundred fucking years yea I mean y’all behind DuBois catch up muthafuckas

By Christopher Marshall